5 tips to earn more… tips – Give your Uber income a boost

    5 ways to earn more tips driving Uber
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    Tipping is available from the Uber rider app, which means your passengers can reward you for your excellent services with just the touch of a button. But does that mean they are now more generous than ever?

    While giving a tip has indeed been streamlined to the point where it literally takes no more effort than lifting a finger, the no-cash experience has changed it into something else. However easy it is, pressing that button is a more conscious decision than leaving the change after having already paid with cash. In other words:

    You need to go the extra mile

    Since the digital age has made tipping a more calculated and less spontaneous act, you need to bridge the gap by putting more effort into sweetening the experience for your passengers. The good news is it’s not too difficult, and enriching your arsenal with just 5 tricks will help you earn more tips with Uber.

    Plan the route together

    Nothing’s easier than asking if your passengers have a preferred route when you pick them up, yet many drivers don’t bother. This is one of those small gestures that can make you stand out, and that can make the difference between getting tipped or not. It also makes your job easier, since you can approach junctions with confidence, knowing exactly what your client expects from you.

    Have some treats and drinks handy

    You don’t need to transform your car into a restaurant on wheels, but something to take a craving away is always welcome. Keep some small enclosed lollies/mints in the door pockets, but in warm weather they will love you for some bottles of cold water. The gesture itself is also perfect to spark a nice conversation.

    Keep things tidy

    This is the sort of thing people mostly don’t confront their drivers with, but the cleanliness of your car is the first thing they notice, and we all know how important first impressions are. If you slack off on the cleaning, it can affect your rating without you even noticing. Not to mention your odds of receiving tips.

    Your mats will inevitably get dirty towards the end of your shift, but don’t wait until you get a chance to vacuum the car – so dust them off whenever you take a break. As a general rule, it’s better to touch up on a regular basis, rather than do thorough but relatively rare cleanings with nothing between them.

    Top tip: spare a minute to clean the trunk when vacuuming your car and keep your personal belongings tucked away. Also clean the windows thoroughly, since those are at eye level and particularly disturbing if dirty.

    Keep the stereo in check

    Music can lift the mood, and just as easily ruin the experience, so you must pay attention to a couple of ground rules. Avoid music with explicit or offensive lyrics, and go for mellow instrumental beats if you want to play it extra safe. Lower the volume slightly when your riders are getting in or out of your car. You can’t possibly guess everyone’s preferences, but it never hurts to ask if they’d like you to change or stop the music. If you subscribe to a music streaming service, you can choose from thousands of playlists and make your life so much easier.

    Keep an eye on the thermostat

    It’s a sensitive topic at the best of times, but as long as you’re aware that we all perceive it differently, you’ll be able to offer a pleasant experience whether it’s summer or winter, day or night. Just as with music, rather than trying to guess people’s preferences, it’s best to just ask whether or not they are comfortable.

    An important thing to keep in mind when it comes to perceptions: you can get comfortable with a relatively wide temperature range sitting in your car, but someone you just picked up may experience it as extreme. Try not to go below the outside temperature by more than 4-5 degrees in the summer, and keep the car at, or even slightly lower than a pleasant room temperature in winter. People dress for the weather, not for an overchilled or overheated car.

    How can Splend help you get more tips?

    A good car is half the success

    It’s tough to remain competitive with an old car, no matter how well you’ve looked after it. A new model will always be more appealing and better equipped. Our cars are all new models, selected with ridesharing in mind – plenty of luggage space and a roomy back seat are always a must, just to name a few.

    Surprise your riders with a delicious treat

    Ask for the free samples on your next visit to the Member Support Centre and sweeten the day of your riders by surprising them with delicious treats. It’s guaranteed to make them smile, and they may even honor your kindness with a tip or a five-star rating.

    Car wash and other discounts

    It’s all about first impressions! We help you keep your car looking shiny with useful Member Benefits such as car wash discounts. Reach out to your Member Success Representative for the current list available benefits.

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