7 tips to maintain a 5-star Uber driver rating [Complete guide]

    7 tips to maintain a 5-star Uber driver rating
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    Star ratings are an important measurement of quality at Uber and other on-demand driving apps. You start out with five stars, and then it’s up to you to keep things up to standard.

    Riders may cancel the trip if they see you have a poor rating, and in the worst case, consistent bad ratings may lead to deactivation. In other words, your job as an on-demand driver depends on the quality of the services you provide.

    Your rating can slip for a number of reasons, but it’s best to prevent it. Once you get a couple of bad ratings it’s tough to climb back up, but far from impossible.

    Our mission is to help you drive to thrive. We prepared a guide with seven tips to maintain a five-star Uber rating.

    1. Street knowledge

    Bad street knowledge is by far the most frequent complaint that’s cost drivers all over the world the most in ratings. On the other hand, knowing the city like the palm of your hand can also get you in trouble. You may know every single shortcut there is, but your passengers may not want you to take them. To avoid any misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises, always start your trip by asking the passenger if they have a preferred route.

    Some drivers fear that using navigation gives the impression they’re not confident. Satnav and other driver aids may have been seen as tools for the inexperienced when they first appeared, but it’s no longer a concern. Even the Uber Driver App has a map functionality built in, not to mention Waze and other third-party apps that use real-time traffic data to help you cut precious minutes off your trips. By arriving on time, you will keep your passengers happy.

    2. Keep it clean

    Keeping your car clean and well-maintained is another important factor in maximising five-star ratings. Avoid eating things like fast food in your car (which can smell) and remove any rubbish that is lying around. Remember, first impressions count.

    3. Go the extra mile

    People are in a hurry and don’t always rate their drivers. Ridesharing has raised the bar and an overall good experience is not always enough to get that sweet five-star Uber rating. Sometimes it’s the cherry on top that makes them push the button.

    There are countless small investments you can and should make in order to stand out—bottled water, mints, phone chargers, just to name a few.

    4. At your service

    Gestures like opening doors, helping passengers with their luggage and having an umbrella handy to escort passengers from your car when it is raining will boost your Uber rating dramatically.
    The only concern here is not to come across as trying too hard. Be relaxed about it, act naturally, and watch your Uber rating go up.

    5. Have a smooth ride

    Quality is twofold: there’s the quality of your services, and that of your car. Being an awesome driver is just half of the story. Most passengers switched from taxis to ridesharing apps for the increased quality of cars.

    It’s not about chrome and leather—comfort is directly proportional to the amount of room, in the cabin as well as the boot. Air conditioning is also a must-have these days.
    New cars will always provide more five-star Uber ratings than older ones. Take a very critical look at your car. You may be used to it, but think of the first impression every time you pick up a new rider.

    6. Become a tour guide

    Knowing what events are on in your local area is a great way to break the ice, especially if your passengers happen to be tourists. It won’t even require an effort after a while—you’ll pick up so much information from your passengers alone, that you’ll be in the loop with all that’s going on in town in no time.

    7. Be creative and have some fun

    Dressing up your car for big events adds to the experience for your passengers. From cultural celebrations to sporting events to the weekend nights, there are a number of ways you can use your creative flare and have fun on the road. If you are having fun, your passengers will respond accordingly.

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    How can Splend help you become a 5-star Uber driver?

    We provide you with the complete service to ensure you are more profitable, safer and happier. The result will show in your ratings and earnings too. Here’s how we can help:

    New-model cars

    We only have new-model, Uber-compliant cars with a five-star safety rating. The car is yours 24/7 to use for on-demand driving as well as personal use. You, your friends, your family, and most importantly, your passengers will love the quality of your car.

    Member Success Representatives

    You have your own dedicated account manager who provides you with coaching, training and mentoring. We call them Member Success Representatives, or MSRs, and as the title suggests, their primary focus is your success.

    They will ensure you know all the tips and tricks and keep you learning. It’s also their job to help you solve any problems that might affect your rating as soon as possible, so you can keep earning points, smiles and a flexible income, uninterrupted.

    About Splend

    Being a driver can be tough. It’s much more than knowing every street in town. We’re here to help you drive to thrive.

    Splend is more than a car hire service. Our team guide you along your journey helping you improve your ratings, boost your earnings and get the most out of your career.

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