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    Splend - Flexible alternative for Uber car finance - Rent to own plan coming soon to Canada
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    On the hunt for a brand-new car for Uber? Splend is here to help. Rent to own means you can put your weekly payments toward owning your car. All while enjoying the flexibility of renting and all the same member benefits available on the Rent plan. Coming soon for on-demand drivers in Canada.

    What is Splend Rent to own?

    Already a favourite of hundreds of our members in Australia and the UK, our Rent to own plan is a relatively new concept in this neck of the woods. Our goal is to bring you an accessible and flexible gateway to car ownership – in other words, an alternative to traditional car finance for Uber drivers.

    Read some of the most frequently asked questions about our Rent to own plan:

    How does Splend’s Rent to own plan work?

    • Put your weekly payments of your flexible rental contract toward owning your car
    • We charge the weekly rental fee one week in advance, so we don’t have to issue credit – therefore, you can have a car even with a bad credit score
    • We don’t take a deposit, just a one-off joining fee which grants access to a growing pool of member benefits
    • Members typically take full ownership of the car after 3-4 years, depending on their model of choice and whether they opt for an early buyout*
    • At the end of the rental period, you will pay a symbolic admin fee for transferring the vehicle’s documents to your name
    • After the minimum rental period, you can cancel the Rent to own contract by providing one month’s notice and paying the small admin fee

    * With 12 months remaining on your agreement you can request to buy out the car by paying the remaining weekly fees.

    Find out more details about the Rent to own plan by joining our waiting list.

    What features does Rent to own include?

    On top of a brand-new car, the Rent to own plan includes some features that will save you time and money:

    • A dedicated Member Success Representative
    • Car registration
    • Insurance for you and your riders
    • Safety Standards Certificate
    • Regular car maintenance
    • Splend’s Driver Success Program
    • Full access to Splend’s Member App
    • Replacement car in case of an accident
    • Accident claims assistance
    • 24/7 car breakdown assistance
    • A holiday break every year
    • Access to the local Splend Member Support Centre
    • Access to Splend’s member events

    Keep your eye on our blog and social channels, because more features are coming soon. Or even better, be the first to find out about the upcoming additions by joining the waiting list.

    What cars are available?

    We will provide you with a range of the best cars on the market for ridesharing. You will have the option of owning a brand new car with a five-star safety rating that meets all official requirements for ridesharing in Canada, and also ticks all the boxes when it comes to rider comfort and the latest tech.

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    We provide eco-friendly and affordable cars with dedicated support, so on-demand drivers can focus on earning an income.

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