What is an Uber vehicle partner? [Complete explanation]

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    Uber doesn’t have its own fleet. Drivers use their own cars. But not everyone has a car that meets all of Uber’s requirements. That’s why Uber works together with local car providers to offer payment plans that suit an on-demand driver’s needs.

    At Splend, we specialise in providing cars as well as dedicated support, so that our members not only have an Uber-ready car, but all the means to be successful on the road from day one.

    Uber vehicle partners FAQ

    What is an Uber vehicle partner?

    A company that partners with Uber to provide flexible rental and rent to own plans to their drivers.

    Can every car company be an Uber vehicle partner?

    No, not every car company can become an Uber vehicle partner. They need to offer rideshare-compliant cars and must be approved by Uber.

    How do I know if a company is an official Uber vehicle partner?

    Look for the Uber logo on the company’s website, and other Uber trademarks in the company’s advertising. You can also ask the team at your local Uber GreenLight Hub.

    What are the benefits of an Uber vehicle partner compared to a private rental?

    There are a number of benefits in using an approved Uber vehicle partner compared to a private rental. These include;

    • The special rideshare insurance and other mandatory car paperwork is included, always up-to-date, and in sync with the special regulations
    • Your car meets all the industry’s technical, environmental and safety standards
    • The staff can help you with any question—not only about the car but also about on-demand driving

    How long does it take to get a car from an Uber vehicle partner?

    If you are already Uber driver and have the money to cover the start-up costs, you can get started on the same day you sign your rental agreement. If not, the rideshare specialists can help you with detailed guidance on how to get started with Uber as quickly as possible.

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