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    Uber car rental Toronto


      • Your Uber approved car
      • Six-week minimum contract
      • Personal account manager
      • Advanced driver training
      • Insurance and accident claims
      • Servicing, maintenance, repairs
      • 24/7 roadside assistance
      • Member Support Centre access
      • Community events
      • Replacement car after an accident*

      * Subject to availability

    2018/2019 Kia Sportage

    2018/2019 Kia Sportage SUV

    $249 per week

    A low fuel consumption and emissions model with advanced safety design and spacious interior make this car reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective. A great option as an Uber car rental.

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    Dedicated support

    Your personal account manager is on hand with dedicated support, ready to answer questions, solve problems, and help you succeed in everything you do. You’ll also be invited to exclusive community events and have full access to our Member Support Centre.

    Driver analytics

    We provide advanced coaching and training to all of our members. Our custom data analytics are available to help you increase earnings, get better ratings, and learn to be a safer driver.


    Not only do we want to help you drive your best, we want to make your job more enjoyable too. You’ll receive vouchers, rider giveaways, and more. Refer a new member and earn up to $100 on your rental plan.